When you run a website, having a backup is something really important, specifically if you have important info or you have invested time and cash in building the Internet site. There are numerous situations why you could need a backup - if you update a script and something fails, if you erase a file or a whole folder accidentally, etc. Having regular backups will help you avoid any loss of information or at least minimize the damage, which is still better than losing the entire site. You'll be able to download a copy of your content on your personal computer occasionally, but because you cannot do that after each change, you have to rely on the backups that your host company generates. Since that is something rather vital, you have to ensure that they keep up-to-date backups, since a backup created once every one or two weeks might not do any good when you run an Internet site like an online store or an accommodation reservation portal.

Daily Data Back-up in Shared Hosting

If you order any of the shared hosting plans which we provide, you can benefit from the backup feature featured with our solutions by default and at no extra cost. We'll create a copy of your files and databases not once, but a minimum of 4 times daily, so any time an issue appears on your Internet site for some reason, we will speedily restore everything, and in the worst scenario, your site will be restored the way it was just a few hours ago. There are two ways for a backup to be restored - you can contact us with a support ticket and we'll do what’s required on our end within the hour, or you may directly copy the content from the backup to the live site folder from the File Manager section of the Hepsia web hosting CP, in which you shall find each of the backups that have been created listed in chronological order.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Servers

As part of our semi-dedicated server packages, we produce everyday backups of all of the websites and databases created on our sophisticated website hosting platform. Furthermore, this happens not less than four times a day, so you'll be able to forget about the old and frequently ineffective backups that the majority of hosting companies offer. You shall be able to browse the backup folders inside the File Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel, offered with the semi-dedicated accounts. It will take just a couple of mouse clicks to copy the backed-up content to the domain folder in which you require it and the saved version of your site shall be live right away. However, if you aren't sure what you should do, you can always open a trouble ticket and ask for a backup from a specific date and time to be restored by our support experts. With our services, you won't ever have to be worried about losing precious details, no matter what.